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Ceramic Coating Over PPF

Unlocking Long-Term Protection: Why Ceramic Coating Over PPF Is Essential?

Paint Protection Film (PPF) and ceramic coatings are two popular options for preserving your vehicle’s exterior. While each has its advantages, combining ceramic coating over PPF can provide an unparalleled shield against the elements, ensuring your vehicle maintains its pristine appearance for years to come. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare the functionality of PPF and ceramic coatings, explore the benefits of applying ceramic coating over PPF, discuss why this approach may not be suitable for everyone, highlight factors to consider regarding the cost, and showcase our expertise in providing ceramic coating services with IGL Coating, a leading brand in the industry.


Ceramic Coating Over PPF


1. Understanding PPF and Ceramic Coating:

PPF is a durable, transparent film applied to the surface of a vehicle to protect it from scratches, stone chips, and other forms of damage. It acts as a physical barrier, absorbing impacts and preventing them from reaching the paint. On the other hand, ceramic coatings are liquid polymer solutions that chemically bond with the paint surface to provide long-lasting protection against UV rays, oxidation, and chemical contaminants. While PPF excels in impact resistance, ceramic coatings enhance gloss and make maintenance easier.


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2. The Advantages of Applying Ceramic Coating Over PPF:

Combining ceramic coating with PPF offers numerous benefits. Ceramic coating acts as an additional layer of protection, fortifying the durability and longevity of the PPF. It provides added resistance against environmental pollutants, UV rays, and water spots, ensuring that your vehicle’s paint remains in top condition for years to come. Additionally, ceramic coatings offer self-cleaning properties, making maintenance a breeze and reducing the need for frequent washing.

Ceramic Coating Longevity


3. Why Ceramic Coating Over PPF May Not Be Suitable for Everyone:

While ceramic coating over PPF offers significant advantages, it may not be suitable for everyone. Some vehicle owners may find the extra cost of applying ceramic coating over PPF prohibitive. Additionally, the effectiveness of ceramic coating over PPF depends on the quality of the PPF and the expertise of the installer.


4. Best PPF Options for Ceramic Coating Application:

Selecting the right PPF is crucial for successful ceramic coating application. High-quality, clear PPFs are generally suitable for ceramic coatings. However, it’s essential to choose a PPF from a reputable manufacturer known for its compatibility with ceramic coatings.

clear PPF


5. Cost Considerations:

The additional cost of applying ceramic coating over PPF varies depending on several factors, including the size of the vehicle and the brand of ceramic coating used. On average, expect to pay an extra $400 to $1500 for this added layer of protection. While this initial investment may seem significant, the long-term benefits of enhanced protection and reduced maintenance costs make it a worthwhile expense for many vehicle owners.


6. Our Expertise with IGL Coating:

At GTautomtl company, we specialize in providing ceramic coating services using IGL Coating, one of the best ceramic coating brands in the world. With its advanced formulations and superior protective properties, IGL Coating offers unmatched durability and performance. Our team of skilled technicians is highly trained in applying ceramic coatings over PPF, ensuring precise application and optimal results.

best ceramic coating IGL Coatings


In conclusion, applying ceramic coating over PPF (Paint Protection Film) is a strategic choice for vehicle owners who prioritize maximum protection and long-lasting aesthetics. By combining these two advanced technologies, you can fortify your vehicle’s defenses against a wide range of threats while maintaining its showroom shine for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about our ceramic coating services and discover how we can help you protect your investment with IGL Coating.