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PPF Installation

Let’s Talk About Our Paint Protection Film (PPF) Services

What is PPF and why should you do it:

Paint Protection Film, or PPF, is a transparent layer designed to safeguard your vehicle’s exterior. Crafted from advanced polyurethane materials, this invisible shield acts as a formidable defense against stone chips, bug splatter, harsh weather elements, road salt, bird droppings, tree sap, and more. Beyond protection, PPF ensures your car’s factory finish remains pristine, preserving its resale value.


Our journey through the world of PPF is backed by 6 years of industry expertise. This isn’t just about the latest and greatest in PPF tech; it’s a testament to our commitment to redefine the art of automotive preservation.

PPF Certified Installers:

Our certified installers are not only PPF experts but also detail-oriented artists. They ensure that every installation is conducted with meticulous attention to the intricacies of your vehicle.

PPF Brands:

At our establishment, we take pride in the judicious selection of industry-leading PPF brands—Suntek, XPEL, and 3M and more . The choice of these esteemed brands underscores our commitment to providing your vehicle with the pinnacle of protective technology. We believe in offering you options that align with quality, reliability, and proven performance.

PPF Installation Techniques:

When it comes to installing PPF, we offer both pre-cut and hand-cut techniques to cater to your preferences.

Pre-Cut Precision:
Our pre-cut PPF installations utilize advanced patterns tailored to specific vehicle makes and models. This approach ensures a seamless fit with optimal coverage, providing efficient protection without compromising precision.

Hand-Cut Craftsmanship:
For those who seek a more personalized touch, our hand-cut applications showcase the artistry of our skilled technicians. Each piece is meticulously shaped and applied, emphasizing a bespoke fit that aligns with your vehicle’s unique contours.

PPF Types of Material:

Our commitment to quality extends to the materials we use. We employ advanced polyurethane materials renowned for their durability, clarity, and protective capabilities. The selection of materials plays a crucial role in delivering PPF solutions that stand the test of time and provide superior protection.

PPF installation cost:

Explore our tailored packages, each designed to cater to specific needs:

Diamond Package (Full Car PPF Installation):  $4499 (starting price)

Comprehensive protection covering your entire vehicle.

Platinum Package (Full Front PPF Installation): $1599 (starting price)

Focused protection for the complete front section, including the hood, bumpers, fenders, headlights, and mirrors.

Gold Package (Partial Front PPF Installation): $899 (starting price)

Targeted coverage for specific areas in the front, encompassing partial hood, partial fenders, bumper, mirrors, and headlights.

Silver Package (Partial PPF Installation): $450 (starting price)

Customized protection for specific sections ensures flexibility and optimal coverage. For example:

• 18″ hood and fenders
• Side mirrors
• Trunk strip
• Rocker panel
• Headlight
• Bumper
• A-pillars
• Front of roof
• 24″ hood and fenders


We stand by the durability of our PPF services with a 10-year warranty. This warranty reflects our confidence in the quality of our installations and provides you with long-term peace of mind.

Comprehensive Services:

While the core of our dedication lies in PPF, our commitment to your vehicle’s well-being extends beyond. Our comprehensive services encompass an array of offerings, including ceramic coating for enhanced gloss and protection and window tinting for privacy and UV protection. According to the customers need we do the application of ceramic coatings on windows, windshields, interior surfaces, rims, side mirrors, and more. These additional services go beyond the ordinary, ensuring that your vehicle not only performs at its peak but also stands as a testament to enduring beauty

PPF in Montreal:

Looking for “PPF near me” or “PPF installer near me“?

Conveniently located at 1151B Bd Don-Quichotte, Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot, Montreal, QC J7W 1E6, our facility is equipped to provide top-notch PPF  Services in Montreal. Visit us and entrust your vehicle to the experts who prioritize quality and customer satisfaction.